Our Community

Welcome to Ġebla! The climbing community is growing fast, and we’re stoked to have you as part of it! Here’s where you’ll find out about our regular clinics, events and activities, plus who’s at the top of the BETA leaderboard.

You can also find out who’s on the Ġebla team and why we’re so passionate about climbing.

Community courses, coaching and events

Come join us! We offer free beginner coaching every Tuesday at 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm. Fill out our program form to sign up.

We also hold regular gym to crag outdoor sessions (usually weekends and public holidays) so keep an eye on the notice board in the gym, or our social media to get signed up to the next one.

Movie nights

When we’re not climbing, we’re watching other people do it! Every month we turn the lights down and get together for a film screening. Popcorn, drinks, take-away and a movie with friends.

And it’s free for members and day pass holders. We’ll post the next date and title on social, so keep an eye out and come join us!

Our Team

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