Climbing is a great activity for young people as it combines problem-solving with physical activity and can lead to increased discipline, motivation, and social bonding. And our gym is a great place to get them started.

Bring them in and climb together for some great family time. There’s no age limit, high or low! Or sign them up for our regular club sessions or youth team - we take kids over 5 years all the way up to 18.

We also host birthday parties and events. Scroll down for more info on all the options, or email with your child's age and climbing experience to enquire further, or click one of the join buttons below.


€200 per 8wk course | ages 5-16

Our After School Climbing Club is for children who want to climb socially and regularly.

The club meets regularly once per week (either Tuesday 4pm-5:30pm or Wednesday 5pm-6:30pm) in our gym, where experienced coaches will play climbing games and work on improving technique with the group.

Members get free shoe rental during their weekly session.


€220 per month | ages 8-19

Practice takes place every Monday and Thursday 5:30pm - 7:30pm

The competitive team is for kids and teens who want to excel at climbing and compete internationally.

We accept children of all ability levels on the team, as long as they are motivated to train hard and improve. The team meets twice per week to train together, and all team members will have free access to the gym during any opening hours.

The fee includes competition jerseys, individual training plans, and coaching at local and international competitions.


€35 per participant for 3 hours

€25 per participant for 1.5 hours

Climbing is a great birthday party activity; the gym a vibrant environment unlike any other and kids absolutely love it!

Suitable for any age from 5 up, they’ll bond over solving tricky climbs, and get a physical and mental workout with games tailored to the group by our experienced team. There’s also a space for sitting down together to open presents and celebrate the birthday boy or girl’s special day.

We supervise the kids and climbing, you bring the cake, and let’s party!

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